How We Work

The traditional agency model focuses on getting brands to increase their ad spend at all costs, since more ad spend means more money in agency fees.

Instead, we work with our clients on a unique revenue share model. We spend the time needed to understand our clients' finances and calculate the level of profitability required for sustainable growth.

To achieve this, we provide our clients with expertise in multiple growth channels -- this way we (the brand and agency) are mutually aligned and benefit from the profits together.

Our revenue share model is perfect for brands who are ready to scale rapidly and are looking for a partner to manage growth channels.

Book a Strategy Session IF...

• You've swore off paid advertising after a failed attempt for your brand
• Are concerned that Facebook is going to eat up all your money without showing concrete results 
• Can't find the time in between your already full-time job
• Have had some success on your own, but need a team of experts to take you to the next level